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Reference: SYMP_ZAG_2007


ZAGREB: Transient phenomena in large electric power systems



Electric power systems are subjected to a wide range of transient disturbances, which impact their overall performance. It is a challenge to build and operate power systems so that the safety opf individual equipment, the security of the integated power system and the quality of power supply are not unduly compromised.

The general purpose of the Symposium is to provide a forum, to discuss the nature of transient phenomena in present-day electric power systems and how these systems need to be designed to ensure a secure and robust service. 


I. Transient phenomena, insulation coordination

  • 0101 Travelling wave–based relay protection schemes for improved power system performance
  • 0102 Mitigation of common mode failures at multi-circuit line configurations by application of line arresters against backflashovers 
  • 0103 Discussion on the interaction between transformers and the power systems
  • 0104 Developments on the line surge arresters application guide 
  • 0105 Practice and tendencies in "insulation coordination" in transmission networks in Europe and in the world
  • 0106 Some peculiarities in insulation coordination and mitigation measures against extreme sea salt pollution on Croatian 110 Kv "Islands connection"

II. Modelisation

  • 0201 An EMTP extension for computing earthing system transient step and touch voltages
  • 0202 Transients caused by sequential circuit breaker tripping issued by busbar protection
  • 0204 CEMIG experience in the analysis of transient recovery voltages associated with transformer-fed faults
  • 0205 Structure-preserving dynamic equivalents for large-scale power systems using border synchrony
  • 0206 Oscillatory stability analysis of a power system over a large set of operating conditions

III. Computation

  • 0301 Impact of energy storage on system performance under fault conditions
  • 0302 Numerical analysis of power system electromechanical and electromagnetic transients based on the finite element technique
  • 0303 Influence of the secondary arc on the operation of single phase auto-reclosure of the 400 kV interconnection between Hungary and Croatia
  • 0304 Power quality problems due to transformer inrush current
  • 0305 Starts from dark - feasible scenarios
  • 0306 Overvoltage due to capacitor banks switching in a 12 kV system

IV. Measurements

  • 0403 Measurement and simulation of hydro-generator’s asynchronous operation
  • 0404 Wireless digital data acquisition system for the measurement of high frequency transients in power substations
  • 0405 Measurement of the switching over-voltages at the disconnection of the high voltage shunt reactors in the
    Romanian power system 

V. Lightning

  • 0501 Economic positioning of line lightning arresters based on observation and analysis of lightning surges
  • 0502 Performance of medium voltage overhead distribution lines against lightning discharges
  • 0503 Modelling guidelines for overhead transmission lines in lightning studies
  • 0504 Models to transformers windings for lightning surges - testing and simulation results
  • 0505 A method for the assessment of the indirect lightning performance of distribution networks
  • 0506 Use of high resolution flash density maps in evaluation of lightning exposure of the transmission lines

VI. Wind power 

  • 0601 Analysis of influence of the connection of the wind farm Ravna 1 to the Croatian power system
  • 0602 System studies of voltage drops caused by energising MV wind turbine transformers
  • 0603 Power quality analysis of MV distribution system before connection of the wind farm
  • 0604 Detailed transients simulation of a doubly fed induction generator wind turbine system with the EMTP-type OVNI simulator
  • 0605 Wind generation issue in Spain and real time production control 

VII. Transients and equipment

  • 0701 Dielectric, switching and system requirements under out-ofphase conditions, during synchronisation and under comparable stresses
  • 0702 Overvoltages at vacuum switching devices operation
  • 0703 Optimizing electric parameters and operation range of hydrogenerator in refurbishing
  • 0704 The impact of ferroresonance and low frequency phenomena on power transformers and transmission systems
  • 0706 Controlled energizing of three-phase transformer : analysis of test results

VIII. Blackout-control

  • 0801 Prevention of major disturbances: proposal of a methodology and its implementation in the Portuguese transmission grid 
    0804 Impact of recent blackout return of experiences on utility operational IT infrastructures
  • 0805 Practical results of on-line stability monitoring for the UCTE power system
  • 0806 At the edge of voltage collapse in Slovenian power system after outage of NPP Krsko and 400 Kv node Tumbri


  • 0901 Electromagnetic interference on measuring equipments of HV substation due to switching
  • 0902 On certain experience with a power line communication system
  • 0903 Solving EMC problems in the design of new HV test laboratory
  • 0904 Developing limits for controlling disturbances produced by large installations connected to power systems
  • 0905 Mitigation techniques of electromagnetic interference due to disconnector switching in air-insulated substations
  • 0906 Electromagnetic compatibility in various kinds of substations in Croatian transmission networks and mitigation measures
  • 0907 Criteria of effectiveness for EMC mitigation techniques within HV substations
  • 0908 Novel earth electrodes in substations for improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

X. Power quality

  • 1001 Voltage dip immunity of equipment in installations, scope and status of the work
  • 1002 Voltage support transformer improves power quality during power system transients
  • 1003 Modelling guidelines and solution techniques for voltage dip prediction
  • 1005 The impact of events in the Slovene high-voltage network on the power quality in the distribution networks
  • 1006 Evaluation of different methods for voltage sag source detection 
  • 1007 Fault location and characterising voltage sags from limited measurements on transmission systems

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Year: 2007


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