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February 2020


In this edition:



  • CIGRE Science & Engineering accepted by Scopus
  • Importance of National Committees


CIGRE Technical Evolution

  • Technical Evolution 2009-2019


Global Connections

  • Grid 2050 reality check update - T&D World article
  • Lessons in resilience from the Australian National Electricity Market
  • My CIGRE Journey


Life of Association

  • CIGRE Fellows nomination
  • 2020 Membership fees - Last reminder
  • CIGRE USA NGN - 5th Annual Paper Competition
  • CIGRE Women’s Network UK - Journey to Zero Carbon Energy Systems - London - November 2019
  • CIGRE India - Women in Engineering Forum - New Delhi -November 2019
  • CIGRE Slovenia workshop - Ljubljana - November 2019
  • CIGRE India - Joint Tutorials & Colloquium on Study Committees A2, B2 & D1 - New Delhi - November 2019


Annnual Reports

  • A2 - Power transformers and reactors
  • A3 - Transmission and distribution equipment


Reference Papers

  • The need for enhanced power system modelling techniques and simulation tools
  • Power quality trends in the transition to carbon-free electrical energy systems


Technical Brochures

  • 785 - WG C4.37: Electromagnetic computation methods for lightning surge studies with emphasis on the FDTD method
  • 786 - WG C1.22: Investment decisions in a changing and uncertain environment
  • 787 - WG C1.34: ISO series 55000 standards: implementation and information guidelines for utilities
  • 788 - WG B2.23: Dynamic loading effects on overhead lines-Impact on foundations
  • 789 - WG B5.41: Improved metering systems for billing purposes in substations

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Year: 2020

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