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December 2019


In this edition:



  • What is special about the special reporter? - By Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE


Global Connections

  • The world of CIGRE by Mike HEYECK - T&D World article
  • Vision of European Technology & Innovation Platform (ETIP) on Smart Networks for Energy Transition (SNET)
  • Q&A with Manon Van Beek, CEO TenneT (NL)
  • Hydrogen: Breaking power systems frontiers?


Life of Association

  • In memoriam of Gilberto Enriquez-Harper
  • CIGRE Membership Renewal for 2020 - Renouvellement d’adhésion pour 2020
  • CIGRE Medal nomination
  • African Work Group Substation Tutorial and Workshop - Zambia - August 2019
  • OMVG Study Tour to South Africa - September 2019
  • CIGRE SC C4 - Workshop and Colloquium - September & October 2019
  • 2019 INMR World Congress - Tucson, USA - October 2019
  • CIGRE China - Report of the 2019 Symposium - Chengdu - September 2019


Annual Reports

  • D1 - Materials and emerging test techniques
  • D2 - Information systems and telecommunication


Reference Paper

  • Overhead transmission lines, gas insulated lines and underground cables


Technical Brochures

  • 779 - JWG A2/D1.46: Field experience with transformer solid insulation ageing markers
  • 780 - WG C4.32: Understanding of the geomagnetic storm environment for high voltage power grids
  • 781 - WG C4.33: Impact of soil-parameter frequency dependence on the response of grounding electrodes and on the lightning performance of electrical systems
  • 782 - JWG C6/D2.32: Utilization of data from smart meter system
  • 783 - JWG D1/A2.47: DGA monitoring systems
  • 784 - JWG B1/B3.49: Standard design of a common, dry type plug-in interface for GIS and power cables up to 145 kV

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Year: 2019

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