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Reference: ELT_301_3


Management guidelines for outsourcing overhead transmission lines technical expertise



This Technical Brochure presents the results of a survey of Asset Owners and Service Providers to assess the present conditions and trends in the industry with outsourcing technical expertise in the field of overhead lines. It discusses factors that affect the successes and pitfalls that are possible.

The benefits and risks of engaging outsourced expertise depend on the business / economic decision, appropriate knowledge of the work at hand on the part of both parties, knowledge of each party’s roles and the ability of each to provide their part of the effort, ability to quantify and communicate the nature of the services required. The paper also presents a guide for successful outsourcing – whereat every stakeholder may have a unique definition of success.


File Size: 2,5 MB

Pages NB: 4

Study Committee : B2 ?

WG (TF): WG B2.53

Year: 2018

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