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Guide on Transformer Intelligent Condition Monitoring (TICM) Systems



The market now offers plenty of sensors, IEDs, on-line continuous monitoring systems, analysis algorithms and software systems for condition evaluation. However there is no common practice on how to manage the whole process and convert the large amount of data into useful and relevant information. Common ideas and designs would enable the construction of a Transformer Intelligent Condition Monitoring (TICM) System, flexible and extensible enough to meet utility needs now and in the future. This technical brochure provides guidance to manufacturers and utilities on how to: update projects, processes and specifications to utilize better practices, and reach a better use of Condition Monitoring (CM) and diagnostics; improve asset management techniques by the large scale use of integrated information systems; and define the most adequate policies regarding the use of existing on-line continuous monitoring systems and TICM systems.

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Pages NB: 4

Study Committee : A2 ?

WG (TF): WG A2.44

Year: 2015

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