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Reference: ELT_282_4


Condition assessment for fluid-filled insulation in ac cables

The brochure commences with a brief description of the cable types and cable accessories and discusses some of the common elements between the accessories, their construction, and related issues. It then presents an overview of the Science of DGA, how it applies to transmission cables, discusses the differences between the various oils used in these cable systems, and the differences between DGA analyses in transformers and cables. Typical case studies from data during DGA analyses and the physical condition of the accessory once dismantled are also included. A discussion about the various practices adopted in different utilities world-wide has been presented. The Technical brochure briefly introduces some of the practices that have been adopted in Europe with such terminal measurements and their findings. This is followed by a summary of field observations with an attempt to relate this to the End-of-Life (EOL) or Future performance assessment of a cable system.

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Pages NB: 3

Study Committee:  D1 ?

WG (TF): WG D1.34

Year: 2015

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