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Reference: ELT_280_3


Special Considerations for AC Collector Systems and Substations Associated with HVDCconnected Wind Power Plants



Offshore wind power plants are growing in terms of rated power and distance from grid entry points and the number of HVDC schemes employed to transmit the generated wind power will continue to increase. This TB considers the special requirements that need to be considered during the design of an offshore AC collector substation connected to a HVDC link as opposed to HVAC. Aspects and issues that have been considered in this work include: overall topology, the number and confi guration of AC collector substations, selection of voltage levels, frequency, grid code requirements, reactive power compensation, required studies, protection philosophies and communications systems. This document is a companion volume to Cigré TB 483, “Guidelines for the Design and onstruction of AC Offshore Substations for Wind Power Plants”.

File Size: 1,2 MB

Pages NB: 7

Study Committee : B3 ?

WG (TF): WG B3.36

Year: 2015

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