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Reference: ELT_279_6


Lessons Learnt from Recent Emergencies and Blackout Incidents



Large disturbances that affect the power grid over wide areas occur every now and then. These disturbances are usually unpredictable, which often result in interruptions to customers and damages to power system infrastructure followed by a lengthy restoration process. This paper presents findings of an analysis conducted by the C2.21 Working Group of recent years' disturbances, with an aim to investigate the main causes, develop lessons learnt and identify trends and possible remedies and/or containment measures. The analyses suggest that the main causes of the large disturbances analysed can be grouped into 5 categories. The working group has proposed a list of possible remedies in the operations horizon that may help to prevent or reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, and to minimise or reduce the adverse impact on the power system.

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Pages NB: 5

Study Committee : C2 ?

WG (TF): WG C2.21

Year: 2015

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