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Reference: ELT_277_1


Guide to minimise the Use of Sf6 during routine testing of electrical equipment



The WG investigated the possibility of minimising the SF6 emission during the manufacturing of electric power equipment as well as on-site testing and commissioning by reducing the need for SF6 handling during routine testing and on-site testing. The following topics - feasibility of the idea; environmental friendly gases and their relative properties; which tests could be modified and how; which practical tests or simulation or technical knowhow is required to have a sound basis; positive and negative aspects of the proposed approach; which modifications should be introduced into the current Standards in force, if any-were addressed. Type testing is not covered.

File Size: 106,1 KB

Pages NB: 3

Study Committee : B3 ?

WG (TF): WG B3.30

Year: 2014

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