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Reference: ELT_185_3


Progress in the determination of the dissipation factor tangent delta and/or the resistivity of dielectric liquids.

lt is unanimously accepted by those who work in the field of electrical, electronic and chemical engineering (both makers and users) that the char­acterization of the conduction of new and used liquids is of prime impor­tance. A thorough knowledge of the liquid conduction is required at the time of the manufacturing of dielectric liquids, of the construction of an appa­ratus and, later on, during its lite : such a knowledge will be useful to perform on-site diagnosis of the liquid­filled equipment. lt is also of interest in other fields such as the manufacturing of insulating liquids, their handling and transportation. 

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Pages NB: 15

Study Committee:  D1 ?

WG (TF): TF 15.02.04

Year: 1999

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