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After laying tests on AC and DC cable systems with new technologies


Over the past years, the development in equipment available for on-site commissioning and maintenance testing of HV & EHV cable systems has progressed, such that test sets are now available for testing of long lengths of HV & EHV cable using modernized version of resonant test sets using near power frequency (NPF), Very Low Frequency (VLF) test sets or Damped AC (DAC) test sets.

WG B1.38 produced a Technical Brochure that describes material science aspects of cable testing using NPF, VLF and DAC voltage sources and contains detailed discussions with respect of their application for withstand and PD testing of HV & EHV cable systems. Resulting document include guidance and recommendations for commissioning and maintenance testing, based on technical aspects, practicality, established experience and residual risk for cable system under test.


File Size: 5 MB

Pages NB: 78

Study Committee:  B1 ?

WG (TF): WG B1.38

Year: 2021

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