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Electric Power Utilities' Cybersecurity for Contingency Operations


This Technical Brochure offers an insight into organizational, management, and technical issues of the cyber-physical security during contingency operations. The approach used is well-aligned with the concepts described for the “Grid Architecture of the Future.” Using model-based system engineering processes, multiple solutions were analyzed to improve cooperation between all participating electric utilities and supporting organizations (e.g., government agencies, law enforcement, contractors) involved in a wide-spread disaster recovery and reconstitution activity. Most important is the need for well-defined agreements between utilities to establish chain of command needed to recognize legitimate new players with access and use control privileges as the join and leave the disaster response team.


File Size: 4,9 MB

Pages NB: 89

Study Committee:  D2 ?

WG (TF): WG D2.50

Year: 2021

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