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Substation equipment overstress management



The end-of-life considerations for HV equipment are generally based on the equipment’s condition and performance.  Another specific aspect affecting it is related to the possibility that substation equipment might be subject to predictable/unpredictable system/environmental stresses not considered in planning/specification phase. This kind of stresses beyond the equipment’s capabilities are classified as overstress. The duty of CIGRE Working Group A3. 30 “Substation Equipment Overstress Management” was to carry out investigation to identify practices for detecting and mitigating potential overstresses which might affect substation equipment. The Technical Brochure prepared by WG A3.30 presents contributions from the perspective of equipment overstresses that can be applied as an additional component of asset management policies and life management decisions of power utilities.


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Pages NB: 101

Study Committee:  A3 ?

WG (TF): WG A3.30

Year: 2020

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