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Field grading in electrical insulation systems




The purpose of the presented Technical Brochure is to introduce the theoretical concepts as well as the various practical implementations of electric field grading, which is a basic and essential measure of field control in many apparatuses of the electric power transmission and distribution system. Examples are cables and their accessories, plug-in-systems (connectors), bushings, rotating electrical machines, transformers or gas insulated systems. It further gives recommendations for modeling, characterization and standardization especially for nonlinear field grading materials and systems. It shall, thus, give designers as well as users of field grading applications technical guidance as long as international standards do not exist. It may also serve as an input to future standardization.


File Size: 9,8 MB

Pages NB: 131

Study Committee:  D1 ?

WG (TF): WG D1.56

Year: 2020

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