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ISO series 55000 standards: Implementation and information guidelines for utilities



Asset Management is becoming strategically important for transmission and distribution utilities around the world. ISO 55001 is increasingly being adopted as the management system for asset management. Because ISO management standards are industry agnostic they are per definition generic, leading to the often-heard criticism that ISO 55001 falls short on practical implementation advice. This TB brings much needed guidance to electrical utilities in its four sections: an overview of asset management; a clause-by clause review of ISO 55001 that offers an interpretation in the context of electrical utilities, lists potential artefacts that utilities could use to demonstrate compliance and highlights numerous examples submitted by utilities; a survey on the progress and intentions of utilities regarding ISO 55001; and finally three in-depth case studies listing the processes and IT systems put in place at utilities to address asset management needs.


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Pages NB: 204

Study Committee:  C1 ?

WG (TF): WG C1.34

Year: 2019

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