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Standard design of a common, dry type plug-in interface for GIS and power cables up to 145 kV



The JWG B1/B3.49 has finalised the work of TB 605 "Feasibility of a common, dry type plug-in interface for GIS and power cables above 145 kV". The requirements as well as a .dxf file are included in the downloadable document, which can be used with any standard drawing software. Qualification and cross qualification processes are recommended. A risk assessment table gives probable responsibility to either GIS and insulator manufacturer, cable termination manufacturer, transportation, or installer, for each failure root cause. If these proposed interfaces are accepted by the market, they might then be used for standardisation.


Update 6 March 2020 :

Due to a missing dimension and wrong detail in view AA of the 145kV insulator, the Technical Brochure has been updated.


  • Update of the two attachments "Cigré 145kV insulator rev1" as  pdf and dxf file types.
  • Page 20 misspelling "though" changed to "through"
  • Page 21 english improvement: "give" changed to "implement" in 6.3
  • Page 28 english improvement use of passive form
  • Page 29 update of the drawing in line with the attachment
  • Page 35 misspelling "extend" changed to "extent" (x2)
  • Page 51 table header corrected  
  • Page 51 misstyping  " * "  changed to " * "



File Size: 3,5 MB

Pages NB: 77

Study Committee:  B1, B3 ?

WG (TF): JWG B1/B3.49

Year: 2019

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