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Technical Brochures

Guidelines and best practices for the commissioning and operation of controlled switching projects




This Technical Brochure provides a full reference for all aspects regarding Controlled Switching (CS) of medium and high voltage circuit breakers. Its main goals were to first collect world-wide CS experience for different applications, synthesize and propose optimum commissioning guidelines, provide recommendations for the improvement of relevant standards, and produce a detailed guide for CS project commissioning and follow-up.


Transients produced during circuit breaker operations may have undesirable consequences on the equipment and on power quality in the network. To mitigate these transients, CS has emerged about 30 years ago and has proven since then to be effective and reliable in most cases. A part of the CS knowledge which was relatively new at that time was gathered by CIGRE WG A3.07 around the turn of the century and published in Electra papers and in three Technical Brochures. An update is now necessary.


After four years of work done by 32 members from 14 countries, this Technical Brochure (TB) is now published as a comprehensive reference document containing the latest refresh and upgrade of worldwide knowledge.






File Size: 29,7 MB

Pages NB: 369

Study Committee:  A3 ?

WG (TF): WG A3.35

Year: 2019

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