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Power system test cases for EMT-type simulation studies



The objective of this work is to develop a database with a set of power system test cases that could be used by research community on electromagnetic transients (EMTs) to compare various solutions, numerical methods and results on the same basis. This Technical Brochure provides four EMT-type test cases, namely, a modified version of the IEEE 39-bus and IEEE 118-bus benchmarks, a transmission grid entitled T-Grid, and an active distribution network (ADN) model for smart grid control and protection studies. The Brochure provides their full data and sample simulation results to enable implementation within different software environments as a first step towards establishing these test cases as potential benchmarks. The test cases presented herein are a first set of such models. This work will be extended by adding more test cases in the future. All models will be publicly available in an online repository from where it is also possible to extract various simulation results.


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Pages NB: 148

Study Committee:  C4 ?

WG (TF): WG C4.503

Year: 2018

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