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On-site Partial Discharge assessment of HV and EHV cable systems



Partial Discharge (PD) measurement is proven to be a very good diagnostic method for insulated cables and accessories.


The improvement in PD detection and measurement technologies resulted in significantly increased sensitivity of measuring PD signals in noisy environments, thus allowing a dramatic increase in the amount of Partial Discharge testing of new cable system installations throughout the world. This trend has been reinforced by the good experience in finding defects in new installations through PD testing.


WG B1.28 studied and evaluated the usage of PD testing on solid dielectric cable systems; the resulting Technical Brochure outlines the findings and associated recommendations and allows to consider the most suitable testing parameters in site conditions.


File Size: 5,3 MB

Pages NB: 95

Study Committee : B1 ?

WG (TF): WG B1.28

Year: 2018

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