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EMC in wind energy systems


The TB focuses on the extremely harsh electromagnetic environment faced by electronic and electrical systems in wind turbine generators and wind farms. The high levels of electromagnetic disturbance may originate from lightning; turbine-blade charging; wind-turbine-converters; wind farm interconnections; other high power electromagnetic disturbances (including HEMP IEMI and nearby transmitters); and wind-turbine emissions. Each source of electromagnetic disturbance is considered on its own as a chapter of the TB and mitigation techniques for these disturbances are also included. In summary, the TB provides a good introduction to engineers working in wind energy systems and highlights the important aspects to be considered when designing, planning and, indeed, maintaining electromagnetic compatibility for wind energy systems.


File Size: 4,5 MB

Pages NB: 85

Study Committee:  C4 ?

WG (TF): WG C4.30

Year: 2017

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