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Application of phasor measurement units for monitoring power system dynamic performance


This Working Group is a sequel to a previous working group on Wide Area Monitoring and Control for Transmission Capability Enhancement, which published the Technical Brochure 330 in 2007. Since then the synchrophasor technology has advanced rapidly and many utilities around the world have installed hundreds of Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) in their networks. In this Technical Brochure, we investigated the current state of the technology and the extent to which it has been used in the industry. As the technology has matured, it is also important to understand the communication protocols used in synchrophasor networks and their relevant cyber-security issues. These concerns were also briefly discussed in the brochure. The most common and mature applications of synchrophasor technology are wide area monitoring, state estimation, and model validation. Out of these three applications, wide area monitoring is well established in the industry. The protection and control applications are emerging as evident from the reported examples. The experience of using remote synchrophasor measurements as feedback control signals is not widely reported by the industry, but its potential is apparent.


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Study Committee:  C4 ?

WG (TF): WG C4.34

Year: 2017

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