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Functional nanomaterials for electric power

The last decade of research has demonstrated that it is possible to tailor dielectrics, thus opening the possibility to implement functionality from a nanoscale modification or nanostructuration. The brochure consolidates knowledge and illustrates the empirical basis for designing dielectric properties. Nanotechnology offers benefits for different electrotechnical applications, e.g. cables, transformer and substation equipment, and rotating machines. Advanced nanocarbons in semiconductive shields are discussed and multifunctional nanodielectrics for HVDC cable application are considered in the context of space-charge control. Nanocomposite insulation benefits for cast resin transformers are introduced. Moreover, current progress in nanodielectrics for fluid applications is discussed and the use of functional nanomaterials in outdoor insulation is mentioned. Further, some results from the European project ANASTASIA are presented and strategies for using nanodielectrics in high-voltage rotating machines are mentioned.

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Pages NB: 98

Study Committee:  D1 ?

WG (TF): D1.40

Year: 2016

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