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Past, present and future of IEC and IEEE high-voltage and high current testing standards

Recently, IEC and IEEE have published a number of revised and new standards for high-voltage and high-current testing. Significant changes and additions have been introduced to these revised and new standards. CIGRE WG D1.35 has developed a guide to give high-voltage test engineers a broader knowledge of how to apply the latest high-voltage and high-current testing standards. The guide presents a brief account of the history of these standards with the aim to allow readers to gain a better appreciation of the technical background followed by sections summarize the major changes made to the standards in their latest revisions to provide a general picture of the revisions. Finally, some discussion is given on the practical implications of these changes. Practical examples are provided to illustrate some of the new techniques and new procedures. The guide also lists areas of possible improvements to the standards for future revisions.

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Pages NB: 62

Study Committee:  D1 ?

WG (TF): WG D1.35

Year: 2014

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