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SF6 Analysis for AIS, GIS and MTS Condition Assessment

When SF6 gas is used, either as an insulating medium or for arc extinction, in electrical switchgear its quality is critical if correct performance is to be ensured. This brochure seeks to provide guidance to utility personnel in the use of on-site non-invasive SF6 gas analysis and the interpretation of the results. The utility personnel should then be better able to make informed decisions in relation to the condition of their switchgear, whether additional investigation is required or immediate intervention is warranted. The brochure provides detail on the different types of gas contaminants, the chemical reactions involved in their production and how they may arise during normal and abnormal operation.

File Size: 3,7 MB

Pages NB: 94

Study Committee:  B3 ?

WG (TF): WG B3.25

Year: 2014

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