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Reliability Based Design Methods for Overhead Lines Advantages, Applications and Comparisons



This Technical Brochure promotes Reliability Based Design (RBD) methods for Overhead Lines and provides recommendations to make Standard IEC 60826 Ed.3, October 2003 and other relevant RBD Codes (ASCE 74, EN 50341) more consistent. Section I summarizes advantages of probabilistic methods over deterministic methods as well as the key features of IEC 60826, and its companion document, CIGRÉ TB No. 178. In Section II possible interpretations of IEC 60826 are clarified by application examples. Section III compares the other RBD Codes with IEC 60826 to assess the significance of any major difference.

File Size: 3,2 MB

Pages NB: 106

Study Committee:  B2 ?

WG (TF): WG B2.06

Year: 2006

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