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Report on the 2nd international survey on high voltage gas insulated substations (GIS) service experience

Reliability, economic advantage for lige cycle cost and physical compactness of HV GIS have resulted in their widespread use over some 30 years. Many Users' approach to its application is still rather unique. GIS technology can however contribute very effectively to increasing the relaibility of new substations and to improving the asset life cycle of existing ones. For the user to be able to decide on GIS he needs data on which to judge his investment and maintenance decision. WG 23.02 has created a database to be updated every 5 years with the results being accessible through CIGRE channels.

File Size: 9,3 MB

Pages NB: 150

Study Committee:  23 (now B3) ?

WG (TF): WG 23.02

Year: 2000

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