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Natural and artificial ageing and pollution testing of polymeric insulators

The purpose of the report is to review the current state of knowledge on ageing and pollution tests for polymeric insulators; this review deals with outdoor polymeric insulations including, but not limited to : composite line insulators defined in IEC 1109 ; composite line post insulators defined in IEC project 1952 ; hollow composite insulators defined in IEC project 1462 ; insulators for other applications using similar technology. The test procedures that have been reviewed are also generally applicable for RTV coated ceramic insulators, hybrid insulators and resin based insulators for outdoor use (e.g. expoxy resin). However specific evaluation criteria for these insulators are not discussed.

File Size: 3,1 MB

Pages NB: 45

Study Committee:  33 (now C4) ?

WG (TF): TF 33.04.07

Year: 1999

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