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The CIGRE journal of selected peer reviewed articles.


This journal is the outcome of CIGRE’s desire to broaden its publication to articles of interest for its members and non-members, outside the CIGRE sphere.


All articles in this journal are peer reviewed and a significant number of most experienced and acknowledged experts in the various fields of the electric power sector are available as reviewers.
Articles in the entire field of the electric power sector ranging from system aspects, environmental issues to subsystem, equipment-and information technology for the power system are welcomed.
Scientific as well as more application related papers are meant to be included for an expert’s academia, i.e. students, professors and young in career engineers and experienced experts in industry.


CSE is an open electronic Journal, free available for download to everyone, and has three issues per year, on February, June and October.

CSE Editorial Team accepts only high quality papers which are stringently peer reviewed by the world’s leading experts, these being the Chairpersons of the 16 CIGRE Study Committees.


June 2020


  • Power system operational resilience – What it means and where we stand by J. Jacobs et al
  • Improved conductor endurance limit by using a clamp with conical elastomers by J. Paradis and P. Van Dyke
  • Optimal energy management and storage sizing for electric vehicles by A. Deshpande and J. Taylor
  • Characteristics and stability threats of resonance caused by forced oscillations in the Nordic power system by J. Seppanen et al
  • Iron losses in ferromagnetic enclosures of gas-insulated transmission lines under AC by W. Wiebel et al
  • Verification process for DER modeling in interconnection-wide base case creation by R. Quint et al
  • Operation of an all inverter bulk power system with conventional grid following controls by D. Ramasubramanian et al
  • Aeolian vibrations of overhead transmission line bundled conductors during indoor testing, Part A: Validation of excitation technique by Y.D. Kubelwa et al
  • Aeolian vibrations of overhead transmission line bundled conductors during indoor testing, Part B: Assessment of fatigue and damping performances by Y.D. Kubelwa et al
  • Small-signal stability impact of utility PV with reactive power control on the medium voltage distributed systems by Ye Tang and R. Burgos



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