CIGRE Science & Engineering

Cigre Science & Engineering


The CIGRE journal of selected peer reviewed articles.


This journal is the outcome of CIGRE’s desire to broaden its publication to articles of interest for its members and non-members, outside the CIGRE sphere.


All articles in this journal are peer reviewed and a significant number of most experienced and acknowledged experts in the various fields of the electric power sector are available as reviewers.
Articles in the entire field of the electric power sector ranging from system aspects, environmental issues to subsystem, equipment-and information technology for the power system are welcomed.
Scientific as well as more application related papers are meant to be included for an expert’s academia, i.e. students, professors and young in career engineers and experienced experts in industry.


CSE is an open electronic Journal, free available for download to everyone, and has three issues per year, on February, June and October.

CSE Editorial Team accepts only high quality papers which are stringently peer reviewed by the world’s leading experts, these being the Chairpersons of the 16 CIGRE Study Committees.


October issue:


  • 1. Providing primary frequency response from photovoltaic power plants

  • 2. Demonstration project utilizing hybrid battery energy storage system with high penetration of renewable energy sources in the Oki-Islands

  • 3. Wind and ice loading assessment of the transmission network in Ireland

  • 4. Integration of HVDC-links into flow-based market coupling: Standard hybrid market coupling versus advanced hybrid market coupling

  • 5. Analysis of reduced order models representing active distribution grids in power system stability studies 

  • 6. Assessment of energy storage systems for contribution to flexibility in electrical power system with high level intermittent renewables energy 

  • 7. Advanced techniques for electrical and thermal analysis of the stress grading system using the example of a 20 kV large hydro generator

  • 8. Measurement of magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steel sheets up to high flux density for magnetic field analysis of generator 

  • 9. Percolation and resistivity behaviour of silicon carbide composites for end corona protection systems of rotating high voltage machines 

  • 10. Real-time corrective control of active distribution networks: validation in future scenarios of a real system

  • 11. Exploratory work on the application of distributed strain monitoring for submarine power cables

  • 12. Analysis and protection of HVDC systems subject to AC and DC faults



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