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Reference: WGR_281_1

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VIU/TSO/RTO operations performance: GOALS, KPI'S, their quantification and use at different levels of decision making



In previous years the operation of electrical power grids has become more complex due to the increased integration of volatile renewable energy, changes in the energy market, increased interconnection and the presence of a higher number of stakeholders acting on the system. Modern SCADA/EMS Systems and new tools provide operators with enhanced control of complex systems, although on the other hand the large amount of relevant information provided can be difficult and time consuming to process by operators, who need to react quickly under stressful conditions. To train operators on these technical and soft skills, companies develop dedicated Operator Training programs.

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Pages NB: 8

Study Committee : C2 ?

WG (TF): WG C2.35

Year: 2015

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