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Emerging Technologies - Summary Paper



CIGRE Working Group C5.13 was created to assess the impacts of markets and regulation on the next generation of new technologies, i.e. technologies following the current generation of wind and solar projects. The Working Group conducted a survey and received twenty-six responses from eleven countries. The responses were summarized in various ways: first they were broadly divided into two categories: 1 – applied technologies (i.e. those that have been applied to a real time environment) and 2 – theoretical technologies (i.e. those still under development). The responses were then crossed referenced and summarized by the following categories: General areas (i.e. Supply / demand / Support); Facilitators/Barriers; Funding sources and Social Impacts.
The paper provides an initial assessment of the impact of today’s markets and regulations on pending innovations and
initiates discussion on what the innovations portend regarding industry and social trends.

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Pages NB: 10

Study Committee : C5 ?

WG (TF): WG C5.13

Year: 2015

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