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Reference: SYMP_BOU_1989


BOURNEMOUTH: Digital Technologies in Power Systems: Needs, Opportunities, Impact



  • Examination of present and expected needs for, and opportunities offered, by digital techniques in the fields of power system operation, communication, protection and control
  • Presentation and discussion of experiences arising from the implementation of digital techniques in power systems covering hardware and software aspects
  • Technical and organisational impact of the increased use of digital technology on power utilities and manufacturing industries


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  • 1A-01 A.PEDERSEN,  P.   REIN  (WG  23.05). Possible architectures of future control systems based on computer technique
  • 1A-02 A.G. PHADKE  (WG  34.01). Digital  protection techniques and substation functions
  • 1A-03 C. CHRISTOPOULOS, D.W.P. THOMAS, A. WRIGHT (United Kingdom). The implcmentation of fast protective algorithms using digital signal processing
  • 1A-04 H. UNGRAD (Switzerland), M. KRISTENSSON (Swedcn). Challenges in protection and station contrai by digital techniques
  • 1A-05 S.NILSSON,F. CLEVELAND,J. DELYANNIDES (United States). Integrated digital control and protection system for transmission substations
  • 1A-06 T.HASEGAWA, T. FUKUDA, N. ITO, K. OSE, H. NOGUCI-11, H. KAWADA, S. MORIGUCHI, Y. MUKAIYAMA (Japan). -Present situation and future plans of operation and maintenance supporting system at substation
  • 1A-07 B. LUNDQVIST, L. BERGLUND, S. HOLST, O. WERNER-ERICHSEN (Swcdcn). A coordinated digital protection and contrai system for transmission substations
  • 1A-08 G.P.   WILSON  (Brazil) ,D.G.C.  ALVAREZ (Argcntina). On the analysis of application criteria for the implementation of digital technology to the contrai and protection of power stations and substations
  • 1A-09 P. BORNARD (WG 34.02). Digital protection and contrai : Growing needs, exciting opportunities, will they match?
  • 1A-10 D. KONCNIK, J. GORISEK, D. STANCIC, A. OGORELEC, I. KUKOVIC  (Yugoslavia). Functional requirements for coordinated / integrated substation 110/20 kV
  • 1A-11 P.A.  CROSSLEY,   S.F.   ELSON,   S.J.   ROSE,  A.WILLIAMS (United Kingdom). Application of a digital signal proccssor to the protection of EHV transmission lines
  • 1A-12 F. IWATANI, T. TAKEMURA, T. FUNABASI-11, K. SUZUKI, S. KUMANO, Y. OHURA, Y. KUROSAWA, M. YOSHIKAWA (Japan).Existing condition and experienccs of distance rclays and fault locators using digital technology
  • 1A-13 P. MEINHARDT, H. HERRMANN, W. DEHOF (Fcd. Rcp. of Gcrmany). Design concept of a busbar protection device based on microproccssor technique







  • 1B-01 A. VIEGAS DE VASCONCELOS (Fed. Rep. of Germany). Improved control of electric energy systems with distributed and parallel computer architectures
  • 1B-02 F. CLEVELAND, G.CRASK (United States). Integrated data communications : recent progress in the USA
  • 1B-03 D. STEVENIN, P. LE CORRE, T. LEFEBVRE (France). La stratégie d'EDF en matière de normalisation des systèmes numériques de contrôle commande
  • 1B-04 G. HOSEMANN, H. MAIER, D. NELLES,G. FUNK (Fed. Rcp. of Germany). Towards advanccd digital protection. Signal processing brings more than digitalizing

  • 1B-05 E. SALO (WG 35.02). - Planning of power utility digital telccommunications networks

  • 1B-06 J.   TÔRMÀNEN,  E.SALO  (foïnland).Dynamic digital transmission network

  • 1B-07 S.K. CHANG, F. ALUUYEH, G.E. MARKS, K. KATO, l\'I.L. GILLES, (United States). lmproved cfficiency with optimal real time closed loop voltage control

  • 1B-08 Y. TAMURA (TF 38.02/07). An international survey of the present status and the perspective of expert systems on power system analysis and techniques

  • 1B-09 J.L.H. GOODY (United Kingdorn). Remote interrogation and analysis of digital fault records : the CEGU expcrience

  • 1B-10 G. IUDICELLO,  E. PACE,  A.  SOREGAROLI (Italy).The ENEL telecommunication network towards the digitalization

  • 1B-11 S. HOFER (Austria). Decentralized control in the Austrian transmission network


  • 1B-13 E.G. DAYIDSON (WG 35.01). The availability of telecontrol  systems (Australia). Digital technology in control, protection and communications systems : the driving forces and implementation philosophy

  • 1B-14 F.ANDERSSON,Transmission linc telecommunication S.LINDAHL protection(Sweden). system using

  • 1B-15 T. CEGRELL (Sweden). New trends to improve operational efficiency in power system control - integrated but decentralized concepts

  • 1B-16 I.A. BOGOMOLOYA, Yu.D. SADOVSKY, P.Ya. KATS,L.A. KOSHEEV (USSR).Adaptive centralized emergency control system for a large power pool







  • 2A-01 YUAN  QIN  CHENG  (China). Travelling wave method for microcomputcr based HVDC transmission line protcotion
  • 2A-02 ZI-IENG  KUIZHANG,  ZHENG  FANGNENG  (China).? Digital simulation application in protectivc relaying system
  • 2A-03 A.G. PHADKE,  C.H.  GRIFFIN,  S.H.  HOROWITZ, J.S. THORP, C.L. WAGNER (United States). Computer relaying : Future directions and impact
  • 2A-04  Power transmission line monitoring systemK. WATANABE, T.INOUE, G.KONISHI,   Y. MUKAIYAMA, Y.SHIBAMA,  K.SHIMOI (Japan).
  • 2A-05 M.   KOULISCHER, J.C.MAUN   (Belgium), K.HENNINGER (Fcd.Rep.of  Germany). A multifonctions digital protection for generators
  • 2A-06 w.S. KWONG, M.K. BROWNE,:K.B. JELLEY (United Kingdom). User friendly operator interface for a new gcneration of digital relays
  • 2A-07 J. HÀMÀLÀINEN, S. VIRTANEN (Finland). An integrated telecontrol and local automation system
  • 2A-08  J. KOMULAINEN  (Finland). Application  of the packet-switching techniques for the power systems
  • 2A-09 M.A.  REDFERN,  G.V.  ROBERTS,  J. TURNER,  W.KWONG, E.P.WALKER (United Kingdom).Protection scheme data communications using existing pilot circuits
  • 2A-10  B. DON RUSSELL, K. WATSON (United States). A digital protection system incorporating rcal time expert  systems methodology
  • 2A-11 H.  BJÔRKLUND,  M.  LAGERKVIST (Swedcn). Experience with implementation of microprocessor based eontrol, protection and monitoring equipment for HYDC systems
  • 2A-12 L.L. MANKOFF, G.D. ROCKEFELLER (United States). Demonstration of digital protection, control and monitoring communication systems for transmission  substations
  • 2A-13 G. ZIEGLER, W. MATLA, R. NOBIS (Fed. Rcp. of Germany). Design aspects and field experience with digital protection in a micro computer controlled HV substation
  • 2A-14 E. NERY, J. ALYES, H.M. MASCI (Brazil). The evolving application of complex integrated protection and automatic control systems to improve the interconnected power system performance
  • 2A-16 U.HANSELMANN (WG 3·5.04). Overview and state of application of fibre optics in power system communications
  • 2A-17 V.HELLER (France). -Digital distance protection for VHV networks

  • 2A-18 M.R. GALE (United Kingdom). - Microprocessor cnhanced telecontrol remote outstation (METRO)

  • 2A-19 E. PACE, E. MASCETTI, G. VULPETII (ltaly). A single channel digital radio system for power companies applications

  • 2A-20 T.W. CEASE, P.M. JOHNSTON,E.A. UDREN (United (United States). A digital distance relay using a magneto optic current sensor as the input source
  • 2A-21 M.J. DE MORAES  FALCAO,  R.A. SUASSUANA DE MEDEIROS (Brazil). Telesupervision system of CHESF's telecommunîcation  integrated system
  • 2A-22 I. MITAN! , K. MATSUZAWA, M. SUZUKI, Y. SANO, T.YOSHIDA (Japan). Field test of a prototype integrated substation protection and contrai system using fiber optic local area network
  • 2A-23 M. HATATA, F. ANDOW,   K.HASIIISAKO, Y. KAWASAKI, T.KUl3O, T.MAEDA, M.YUKI,K. WATANAbE, (Japan). - Digital busbar protective relay system
  • 2A-24 T.  KAI, T.KURIDA,  T. MATSUSIIIMA,  K.SEO (Japan). Digital integrated relaying system






  • 2B-01 A.N. ZOMERS, J.J.E. VAN AALST, M.A.M.M.VAN DER MEIJDEN,J.C.KATTEMOLLE, B.MAGNUSSON (Netherlands). - Micro computer based control systems in substations- application aspects and practical experience
  • 2B-02 A. WISZNIEWSKI (Poland). Impact of digital technology upon teaching power system protection and control

  • 2B-03 J.C.MAUN,R. PONCELET (Belgique).Expérience belge en matière de formation aux techniques numériques dans le domaine des relais de protection

  • 2B-04 E. TURU,V.P. RAHIKAINEN,R.  RYYTTY(Finland). Maintenance of the power contrai system in the Finnish national grid
  • 2B-05 M. MOSZKOWICZ, . R.B. SOLLERO, S.L.G. MIRANDA, A.J.S.R.SILVA, H.G. ANDRADE,  J.SAAD (Brazil).Protection, control and supervisory digital system for hydroelectric power plants and substations

  • 2B-06 D.  MUKHEDKAR,  B.  VALIQUETTE, R. MALHAME,Y. GERVAIS (Canada). Power network control centers : a microcomputer based approach

  • 2B-07 S. NILSSON, J. W. CHADWICK Jr.(United States).Organizational impact of  integrated digital  control and protection systems
  • 2B-08 L.LOHAGE,   B. ALMGREN, H. HERMANSSON(Sweden). Automatic switching of circuit breakers

  • 2B-09 M. KEZUNOVIC (United States). - lntegration of a system wide protective relaying scheme in a distributed processing energy management system design

  • 2B-10 G.P. WILSON ,C.CAPORALI, N.S. COSTA, C.E. DE SOUZA, J.F.ALMEIDA, A.T.FRANCA, (Brésil). The technical and organizational  experience obtained from the installation and operation of a pilot project digital system in an EHV transmission substation

  • 2B-11 P.S. PEREIRA G.P.WILSON, E.NERY, L.C.GUIMARAES RISPOLI, V.DE OLIVEIRA  SOUZA (Brésil). A university  utility experience in  the digitalization of the existent HV substations

  • 2B-12 W. BERGSTROM, K. VESTERAGER (Denmark). Prolonging the life of aged systems

  • 2B-13 M.E.D.PUMPHREY (United  Kingdom). Microprocessor based equipment for automatic switching of capacitive and reactivc plant to control substation voltage and Mvar requirements

  • 2B-14 J.P. WAHA  (Belgium), M.MARZIO  (Italy). Integration of new technology control devices into power system control(a contribution of SC.39 as secn from operation side)

  • 2B-15 P.PRINGELS, P. DE PAUW  (Belgique),  M.FURTADO, D. CUSTODIO (Portugal). Analyse comparative de l'évolution des équipements numenques installés dans les postes belges et portugais. Expérience du passé, projets d'avenir

  • 2B-16 R.A.  LILLEY  (United  Kingdom). Review of digital systems in transmission substations

  • 2B-17 B. BUCHHOLZ, H. MAHNERT  (German  Dem.automation and protection in substations

  • 2B-18 R.F.B.  MACLAREN, R.G.BROWN  (United Kingdom). A supply authority view of digital technology in power systems

  • 2B-19 H. BAUER,  K. GNUECHTEL, G. HENKEL  (German Dem. Rep.). Experiences during the putting into operation of a microcomputer aided control system in 380/110 kV substations

  • 2B-20 Yu. A.  ASANBAEV, S.N. GLEZEROV, V.G.  FAYANS, F.G. FILATOV (USSR) - Experience in development and operation of digital monitoring systems for HVDC converter terminais

  • 2B-21 K.PROCHAZKA, L.HANKA, J.PAZICKY, M.STROBLOVA (Czechoslovakia). Digital technology in the Czechoslovak power system substations





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Year: 1989


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