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Reference: ISH2017_652

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Earth resistivity increase due to the presence of trees



It is well known, that the earth electrical resistivity changes under the trees, mainly due to the presence of the roots and variations in the soil moisture. This paper highlights an apparent earth electrical resistivity increase around the trees, which could produce an earth potential rise when they are stroked by lightning. This earth potential rise could elucidate some accidents in which Colombian soldiers camping under trees were injured. These accidents could be explained due to a voltage drop between their head and feet, called here “head-to-toe voltage”. In the present work is investigated the earth electrical resistivity variation around the Eucalyptus globulus, one specific species of foreign trees common in Colombia. Finally, an apparent earth electrical resistivity measuring methodology is presented, to determine the distance from the trunk at which the open field resistivity is reached.

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Year: 2017

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