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Reference: ISH2017_572

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The dielectric losses of medium voltage cable accessories and their influence on on-site dissipation factor measurements on XLPE-insulated medium voltage cable lines



The paper presents a strategy to approach the in general unknown influence of medium-voltage cable accessories on dissipation-factor measurements at 0.1 Hz on XLPE-insulated medium-voltage cable lines. The strategy consists of three steps, which are pre-sented exemplary for a large distribution network in Germany with about 60,000 km of ca-bles produced since the middle of the 80s according to current quality standards. The first step is the analysis of the frequency of occurrence of accessory types in the network, from which the dominant accessory types can be identified. The second step contains the ex-traction of samples of these accessories from the network and their investigation in the laboratory to derive the dielectric losses at 0.1 Hz. In the final step it is possible to correct on-site tand-measurements utilizing the dielectric loss data of the accessory samples.

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Year: 2017

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