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Reference: ISH2017_479

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Comparative investigations on high voltage cable with needle defect using damped-AC and 50-hz-AC



Commissioning tests for High Voltage (HV)-cables require high reactive power and high voltage level to detect service endangering defects. On-site test voltage sources (Resonant AC and Damped AC) have been developed aiming to detect those defects in laid HV-cables on site. Nowadays the detection is based more and more on PDmeasurement than simply waiting for the breakdown during withstand test. Thus, the intention of on-site testing is to detect PD resulting from severe failures or to breakdown such failures which would cause a breakdown, when service power (50Hz) and voltage levels at and above Uo is applied. This paper shows the ability of Damped AC (DAC) test voltage and 50-Hz-AC to detect failures which are service endangering for HV-XLPECables. It compares the results of many tests on HV-Cables with needle defects in terms of PD inception voltage levels and growth rate of the initiated electrical treeing (ET) during application of 50-Hz-AC and DAC-Test voltage. Both test voltages are suitable to detect this defect, but interesting differences appear regarding the growth rates of the initiated ET.

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Year: 2017

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