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Reference: ISH2017_331

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New approach for medium voltage power cable assessment using broadband powerline communications



Communication technologies in electrical distribution grids are considered as increasingly important to meet the challenges posed by the German energy transition. To cope with that growing communication demand, the broadband powerline communications technology is used, which transmits the signals through the existing power cable infrastructure using high frequencies. Hence, power cables and accessories of medium and low voltage grids might act as a distribution medium for both electric energy and useful signals. A current German research project investigates, in which way an analysis of the data transmission characteristics generates valuable information on critical conditions of power cables themselves. The technical condition of most medium voltage power cables is widely unknown, since necessary diagnostic condition assessment techniques are cost intensive and not extensively used. The results of laboratory tests confirm that cable conditions contribute to their transmission characteristics in the high frequency range. Examined effects of local weak points, ageing, temperature and partial discharges are presented in this paper. Thus, a broadband powerline communications system will act as a tool for condition assessment beside its original role of performing communication tasks.

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Year: 2017

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