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Reference: ISH2017_312

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Adaptable FEM models with high level of detail to characterize insulation systems of large rotating machines



An essential component of the insulation system of large electric machines is the so called corona protection system. An important parameter in particular of the outer corona protection (OCP) is the ohmic resistance together with service related current and potential distributions as well as locally generated power losses. These parameters can be calculated and analyzed using finite element method (FEM). The plausibility of its results strongly depends on the quality of the generated FEM models containing very complex geometric structures followed by comprehensive meshing work. Previously generated models are extended and refined. Real wrapped insulation system structures are modeled with a high level of detail by realizing overlapping of thin tape layers and consideration of anisotropic material characteristics. The simulation calculation results will be presented for several material und load parameters. It is shown that the target design of corona protection systems is not only dependent of the ohmic resistance but also depends of the composition and interaction with the enwrapped main insulation.

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Year: 2017

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