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Reference: ISH2017_296

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Characteristics of series arc fault and its detecting method based on electromagnetic radiation signals



To investigate characteristics of electromagnetic radiation of series dc arc fault, a fourth-order Hilbert fractal antenna is used to detect the electromagnetic radiation signals generated by dc fault arc. The influential factors of the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation including electrode material, diameter, current, and pressure are considered. The amplitude of electromagnetic radiation pulse at the arc generating moment is measured, and FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is carried on to analyse the characteristics of the spectrum. The test results indicate that the amplitude of the electromagnetic radiation pulse generated by stainless steel electrodes is higher than that generated by brass, copper, and aluminium electrodes. And the changing trends of the amplitude of the electromagnetic radiation pulse with the increasing of current are different for electrodes with different diameters. Moreover, the pressure has different influences on different electrode materials. The characteristic frequencies of electromagnetic radiation pulses of dc arc generated under different test conditions are in a certain range (36-41 MHz), which can be used as a detecting parameter for series dc arc. Photovotaic (PV) system is constructed to apply the detecting method based on electromagnetic radiation. And the characteristic frequency of dc arc generated in PV system is accordance with that generated in dc source system in laboratory.

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Year: 2017

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