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Reference: ISH2017_226

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Coupled analysis and measurements of an earthing switch under transient short-circuit conditions



The goal of this paper is to present a 3-D coupled field finite-element method model of a high voltage generator circuit-breaker earthing switch and its validation experiments under transient short-circuit conditions. With this model, it is possible to analyse the electrical and mechanical behaviour and even the coupled behaviour of the earthing switch. As shown in literature, the contact bridge method can be used to take into account the constriction current flowing over the electrical interfaces. It has not been presented yet, how the mechanically preloaded structure reacts during a transient short-circuit current. The contact bridge model takes into consideration the electrical contact resistance and current constriction. The acting electro-magnetic force is obtained following the Lorentz force law using the ?? - ?? field formulation. The mechanical part is solved following the transient law for structural mechanics. In addition, the contact fingers are mechanically preloaded by a spring. The validation of the results was done by high-speed videos of the contact finger while a short-circuit current was applied to the earthing switch. The contact opening due to electro-magnetic repulsion forces was recorded and the displacement was compared to numerical results. As a source for the experiments, a 60kV, 108kJ capacitor bank was used providing currents of up to 120kA.

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Year: 2017

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