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Reference: ISH2017_186

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Studies on parameters influencing the armour and shield losses of submarine power cables



Several investigations of losses in the armour wires of three-core-submarine power cables have been performed in the last years and at the present time there is no definite answer about the armour losses and their interaction with the loss occurrence in other submarine cable components, namely shielding and conductors. To obtain a better understanding a detailed investigation of the parameters influencing the armour losses was performed using three-dimensional-FEA simulations. Besides the relevant material parameters, the electric conductivity and the magnetic permeability, the geometrical influences such as the pitch length, wire diameter and the distances from armour wires to current carrying conductors are examined, visualised and discussed. A wide range of possible losses occur dependent on the relevant material and geometry parameters. In general, losses due to eddy currents increase with the magnetic flux density directed along the axes of the armour wires as well as increasing electric conductivity. Additional hysteresis losses are dependent on the magnetic field inside the wire and material parameters and therefore flux dependent as well. Several nonlinear increases of the magnetic flux density and thus the losses can be obtained. A further important factor influencing the total cable losses are losses due to induced currents in the shielding of submarine power cables. These losses are affected by the magnetic flux density in the armour wires and vice versa resulting in an even larger range of total losses of submarine power cables.

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Year: 2017

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