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Reference: ISH2017_161

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Continuous condition monitoring of high voltage transformers by direct sensor monitoring of oil aging



A new online oil sensor system enables continuous condition monitoring and power grid protection of high voltage transformers by sensor monitoring of oil aging. The requirements for transformers in the renewable energy rise. Ever more flexibility at a maximum operational reliability and a long life are required of them at the same time, so the requirements for the transformer oil grow correspondingly. The new online oil sensor system measures the components electrical conductivity kappa, dielectric constant epsilon r and temperature T independently, calculates the loss factor tan delta, and it looks promising to estimate also the water activity and give a first trending in the breakdown voltage. The new approach utilizes sensor detection of chemical aging of the insulating oil and its inhibitors. Based on a very sensitive measurement method with high accuracy even small changes in the conductivity and dielectric constant of the transformer oil composition can be detected reliably. The new sensor system effectively controls the proper operation conditions of high voltage transformers, oil-filled circuit breakers and oil regeneration systems.

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Year: 2017

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