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Reference: ISH2015_88

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Effect of Type of Insulating Kraft Pulp on Electrical Properties of Oil-paper



Kraft pulp used by Chinese insulating paper manufacturers is mainly dependent on imports because of limited forest resources and related policies. In order to find a more suitable kind of pulp to enhance electrical performances of oil-paper used in ultra-high voltage equipment. Four kinds of electrical grade pulps from different international suppliers were used to prepare presspaper samples, namely ASPA pulp, Domtar pulp, Prince George pulp and Pitkyaranta pulp. Corresponding oil-paper samples were got through vacuum impregnation. Volume resistivity, dielectric properties and AC breakdown strength of the obtained samples were analysed and compared. Results show that all the oil-paper samples have good insulation performances, volume resistivity values and dielectric permittivity results of them are not significantly different. Oil-paper with its presspaper made from Prince George pulp (George oil-paper) has the highest AC breakdown strength; ASPA oil-paper has the lowest dielectric loss factor. Results of analysis of variance show difference between AC breakdown strengths of George oil-paper and ASPA oil-paper is mainly caused by the type of pulp. It is suggested that both Prince George pulp and ASPA pulp can be regarded as a more suitable type of pulp based on different emphases. Since variation of electrical properties is not that significant, we might pay more attention to raw material costs for presspaper.

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Year: 2015

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