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Reference: ISH2015_64

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Impact of Surge Steepness on Propagation of High Frequency Overvoltages in Transformers



In electrical networks more and more switching and reconfiguration operations are present. In addition external stresses like lightning may cause overvoltages. Thus, such transients may subject the electric insulation system of power equipment. The crest value of overvoltages appearing at the transformer terminals are limited by protective devices such as surge arresters to the level determined by the insulation coordination. Those values are usually much higher than maximum nominal voltage. Overvoltages are transferred through transformers and propagate along connecting lines. This phenomena have influence on courses of overvoltages, its maximal values and frequency of transient components. Investigations of overvoltages propagated in measurement arrangement modelling typical part of electrical distribution network are presented in the paper. Overvoltages have been recorded at different connection of transformers with silicon steel and amorphous cores for action of rectangle voltage impulse with different rise time. Frequency characteristics of overvoltages have been determined also.

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Year: 2015

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