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Reference: ISH2015_60

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Influence of Water Content of Cellulosic Material on Dielectric Behavior of HVDC Insulation



This paper presents the influence of water content on the dielectric behaviour of oil-impregnated pressboard, which is an important high voltage insulation material. Here, focus is set on HVDC applications. Samples with different water content have been prepared and step-response measurements in time domain have been performed in order to quantify the influence of the water content on the dielectric behaviour especially on DC conductivity. Indeed, pressboard conductivity exponentially increases with increasing water content. An activation energy has been calculated for the different samples indicating that the charge transport mechanism is the same for all water contents. Due to the high influence of water on the conductivity and regarding the chemical structure of the pressboard components, proton conduction is proposed to be the relevant transport mechanism.

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Year: 2015

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