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Reference: ISH2015_589

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Development of a modified inclined plane test for investigating the tracking and erosion behavior of polymeric outdoor insulation materials under DC stress



New outdoor insulation materials have to be tested regarding their tracking and erosion (T&E) performance with the inclined plane test which gives a standard for AC stress. In Cigré WG D1.27, several studies with the aim to check the applicability of the test procedure for DC showed a strong dependence of the test results on the polarity of the testing voltage and a high corrosive degradation of the test electrodes. Corrosive degradation influences the ion concentration of the pollutant used to induce the dry-band arcing. This paper presents investigations of the behaviour of low energy surface discharges under DC stress. The inclined plane test according to IEC 60587 was modified to overcome the influence of electrochemical dissolution of the stainless steel electrodes and the resulting change of metal ion concentration in the pollutant. Electrochemically inert carbon electrodes as a different electrode material are proposed.

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Year: 2015

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