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Reference: ISH2015_582

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Techno-Economic Analysis of Using 477 MCM ACSS/TW Conductors in Turkish 154 kV Power Transmission System



Almost all the transmission lines in Turkish National Power Transmission System use Aluminium Conductor Steel-Reinforced (ACSR). They can be operated continuously at temperatures up to 100°C. Aluminium strand layers in ACSR conductors begin to lose their mechanical strengths and clearances to ground and to the other conductors may create insulation problems due to excessive sags beyond this temperature. Moreover, aluminium conductors are subjected to metal fatigue because of the vibrations created by wind effects. This thermal limit restricts the amount of the power transmitted through the transmission line. This paper is devoted to techno-economic analysis of replacing ACSR conductors with 477 MCM ACSS/TW conductors in Turkish 154 kV Power Transmission System. Current load flows and the load patterns are used to determine the expected energy loss and loss of revenue due to overloaded 477 MCM ACSR transmission lines. Similar calculations are then repeated for the estimated peak loads and load patterns for 1 year, 5 years and 10 years ahead. Analysis are made both for the optimistic and for the pessimistic estimations.

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Year: 2015

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