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Reference: ISH2015_52

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Guide to EHV/HV Cable Sheath Bonding Application Software



This paper introduces a software tool for the sheath bonding design of high voltage power cable systems. The calculation tools for the design of the bonding system are required for supplying the maximum value of the temporary overvoltages obtained for the worst short circuit that can appear in the grid. Sheath overvoltages depend on different factors: on the place where a short circuit appears, on the earth resistance value at each grounding connection and on the designed sheath bonding configuration. The software package uses a general method of circuit analysis adapted to cable systems to determine temporary overvoltages in complex sheath bonding configurations. The developed software allows defining any arbitrary architecture of linked elemental cable sections in order to simulate the real sheath bonding configuration. Temporary overvoltages in cable joints, terminations and link boxes are determined in this paper. These values should be used for the correct selection of the sheath voltage limiters used for protection of the outer sheath, joints, terminations and link boxes insulation. An example of two cable systems is analysed to demonstrate that small modifications on the sheath bonding configuration can reduce significantly the temporary overvoltages and permits the viable selection of the surge arresters used for protection.

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Year: 2015

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