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Reference: ISH2015_491

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Partial Discharge Localization in Insulation Oil by Electrical-Acoustic Method



This paper presented a partial discharge (PD) localization in insulation oil by an electrical-acoustic method, which is suggested as an implement for online condition monitoring of oil-immersed power transformers. A needle-plane electrode was fabricated to simulate a PD defect in transformer oil. The pulse signal of electrical current was detected by high frequency current transformer (HFCT) while three acoustic emission (AE) sensors were attached at the outside of the tank wall to detect AE signals. The signals were synchronously acquired by two NI scopes (USB-5133, 100MS/s ) triggered by a pulse generator. The peak detection method based on the threshold value as well as the energy criterion (EC) method determined by signal energy and a negative trend were applied to estimate the arrival time of signals, respectively. The differences of time of arrival (TOA) between an electrical signal detected instantaneously and acoustic signals propagating from a PD source to AE sensors were used to calculate PD coordinates in space. This automatic localization method was based on LabVIEW programming with the standard framework and non-linear equations were solved by MATLAB script. From the experiment result, it was indicated that the localization system based on EC method shown high performance both in accuracy and automation for PD localization.

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Year: 2015

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