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Reference: ISH2015_49

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On-site Combination of Withstand Voltage Testing and Partial Discharge Measurement for XLPE Power Cable Accessories



Power cables are of great important in power transmission and distribution systems. Power cable system basically consists of cables themselves and their accessories. Cable accessoires consist of joint and termination. Joint is special connection component which used to join two cables ends together while termination is special component to provide the end of a cable. Partial discharge (PD) measurements are most important and preferred to study and they have received much attention in recent years. Identification with certain PD patterns and localization of PD are most important aspects. Tell now for the after installation test, PD measurements are actually not required by IEC 60840 and IEC 62067, but the testing experience shows a population of exteude cable system subjected to a combination of withstand testing and PD measuring acceptance testing. In this work, it's used a novel technology for On-site withstand voltage testing completed with PD measurements of power cable systems. The present work contains tests carried out the on-site for HV/EHV cables having different lengths to determine the faulty joints and cable defects. This paper is an over view covering best practices for cable testing using frequency tuned resonance test system (20-300Hz) and applying predictive diagnostic programs to aging cable systems. It contains also the results of many tests carried out on XLPE cable systems. Frequency tuned resonance test system is used to improve cables performance by using up to date technology for On-site withstand voltage testing of power cable systems. If an on-site test is completed with a partial discharge (PD) measurement, all the experience of the various tests can be transferred to the various factory tests to improve the high voltage cable performance

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Year: 2015

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