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Reference: ISH2015_483

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Experimental Evaluation of Grounding Grids



Grounding systems are an important part of the power system that protects power lines and power apparatus from severe ground faults and lightning currents. Grounding systems should have suf?ciently low impedance and current-carrying capacity to prevent the build-up of voltages that may result in undue hazard to connected equipment and to persons. The performance of the grounding must be examined both in industrial frequency and during faults. To achieve the results, the experimental procedure was performed using a high current impulse generator, a four-channel oscilloscope, electrodes, cables and connectors. Impulses were generated with the waveform 8/20 µs and peak current up to 2 kA with charging voltage from 15 to 35 kV. Results are presented in this paper, from the evaluation of a grounding subjected to current impulses from experiments for specifying a data acquisition system applied to grounding grids.

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Year: 2015

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