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Reference: ISH2015_464

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Neutralization Efficiency of the electrostatic charges on the surface of the fibrous media by the dual electrode system and the triode system



: In this work we present the results of the active neutralization of electrostatic charges on the free surface of a fibrous dielectric polypropylene by two electrode systems. The objective of this work is to compare the efficiency of neutralizing electrostatic charges by two electrode systems; electrodes dual-plan system and the triode system. The results permit to determine the influence of the grid on the neutralizing efficiency to enhance the active neutralization of charge method, applied to the fibrous dielectric materials. The neutralization efficiency is obtained by the non-contact sampling of profiles of the surface potential before and after neutralization. The experiments were performed on 120 mm x 90 mm samples cut from the same nonwoven polypropylene (PP) fabric. The samples were charged for 10 s, in ambient air, using a triode-type corona electrode system of negative polarity. Charge neutralization was performed 900 s after charging process, using high alternating voltages at 50 Hz frequency at different amplitudes for the electrode dual system and different intensities of discharges for the triode system. The duration of the neutralization is 4 seconds for the triode system. Neutralization with the dual system is in motion mode, the sample passes through the alternative discharge region with a constant speed of 3 cm / s. Several intensity values of the discharge were tested. The results obtained confirm the possibility to impose a desired potential at the dielectric charged surface or not charged acting on the grid potential and the current intensity of the discharge. In our case we try to have null the potential surface at the surface of PP media.

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Year: 2015

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